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2015 Rundle Championship Qualifiers

1. MeyerT MeyerT 2014 LearnedLeague Champion
2. HessJ HessJ LLLive 2014 TCONA Open Champion
Details on annual LearnedLeague Rundle Championship.

Member-hosted Live Events

City Host Event Venue Time Details
Wednesday, August 27
    Birmingham LewellynB Thinking Man's Trivi... Paramount Bar & Grill 8:30 PM Details
    Santa Monica NgoonC The Famous O'Brien's... O'Brien's Irish Pub on Main 8:00 PM Details
    Springfield FriedewaldR Pub Quiz Norb Andy's 8:00 PM Details
    Clarksburg PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night Bennigan's 7:30 PM Details
 New York
    New York HightowerT Drunken Smartass Oly... Dempsey's Pub 7:00 PM Details
    Guelph SaundersA The ATQ Pub Quiz Fionn MacCool's Guelph 9:00 PM Details
    Alexandria FrostM Pour House Trivia Night T. J. Stone's 7:00 PM Details
Thursday, August 28
    Springfield FriedewaldR Pop Culture Quiz Burger Bar 8:00 PM Details
    Gaithersburg FrostM Pour House Trivia Night Quincy's Bar and Grille 7:30 PM Details
    Alexandria PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night Fish Market Restaurant 8:30 PM Details
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LL is a creed. An ideal. A Weltanschauung.

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