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The Race to Las Vegas: LL63

A Central
1PerryS PerS4154
2FoderaB FodB3429
3MassogliaB MasB3228
4AdusumilliV AduV3224
5WhitlockS WhiS318
A Coastal
1KatineJ KatJ3628
2MatthewsP MatP3424
3KreitzerJ KreJ3327
4CollegeA ColA3225
5OlewnickB OleB3218
A Corridor
1BahnamanS BahS3854
2MargolisB MarB3527
3MichelettiD MicD3448
4GertlerJ GerJ3249
5WalrathM WalM3229
A Frontier
1BarkerC BarC3845
2CollinsJ ColJ3634
3NoorialaA NooA3526
4RamieriJ RamJ3437
5LanghoffJ LanJ3340
A Highland
1MeyerT MeyT4056
2St GeorgeJ St J3851
3SuessE SueE3537
4IsmailST IsST3440
5SheehanG SheG3440
A Horizon
1ChunL ChuL3546
2BarelaE BarE3321
3DhuwaliaR DhuR3242
4FloresM FloM3229
5BarnumPT BaPT3220
A Metro
1HammonB HamB4264
2KelsoT KelT4160
3SmithEJM SmiM3738
4McKennaM McKM3649
5BishopA BisA3514
A Midland
1ConeT ConT3750
2HartwykM HarM3743
3SillerE SilE3543
4MesrobianD MesD3430
5KingAsTheThinga King3336
A Pacific
1BawdonG BawG3537
2FryedBetaKappa FrBK3446
3NaglerE NagE3425
4LehmanTerms Lehm3332
5LiptonM LipM3230
A Seaboard
1FaunceRob Faun3849
2TerpstraR TerR3640
3BrennanL BreL3527
4YoungT YngT3424
5LuskT LusT3217
A Skyline
1WehrmanM WehM3535
2FischerL FisL3528
3BartnerK BarK3333
4CohenD2 CoD23228
5CarpenterF CarF2930
The winners of the Rundles A qualify for the 2015 Rundle Championship in Las Vegas (details).

2015 Rundle Championship Qualifiers

1. MeyerT MeyerT 2014 LearnedLeague Champion
2. HessJ HessJ LLLive 2014 TCONA Open Champion
3. PerryS PerryS LL62 Rundle A Central Champion
4. KreitzerJ KreitzerJ LL62 Rundle A Coastal Champion
5. BahnamanS BahnamanS LL62 Rundle A Corridor Champion
6. DhuwaliaR DhuwaliaR LL62 Rundle A Frontier Champion
7. MorrisT MorrisT LL62 Rundle A Highland Champion
8. MorrisP MorrisP LL62 Rundle A Metro Champion
9. ConeT ConeT LL62 Rundle A Midland Champion
10. BawdonG BawdonG LL62 Rundle A Pacific Champion
11. HolzhauerJ HolzhauerJ LL62 Rundle A Seaboard Champion
12. WehrmanM WehrmanM LL62 Rundle A Skyline Champion
13. FaunceRob FaunceRob LL63 Rundle A Seaboard Champion
14. HammonB HammonB LL63 Rundle A Metro Champion
15. ChunL ChunL LL63 Rundle A Horizon Champion
16. BarkerC BarkerC LL63 Rundle A Frontier Champion
17. KatineJ KatineJ LL63 Rundle A Coastal Champion
Details on annual LearnedLeague Rundle Championship.

Member-hosted Live Events

City Host Event Venue Time Details
Monday, January 26
    Los Angeles PierceE Sobriety Test Bar Tr... Boardwalk 11 Karaoke Bar 7:00 PM Details
    Columbia ColvinG Final Score Maryland... Pub Dog Pizza and Drafthouse 7:45 PM Details
    Frederick HartmanI Pour House Trivia Roast House Pub 7:00 PM Details
    Frederick PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night il Forno Pizzeria 8:30 PM Details
 New York
    Brooklyn KesnerA Trivial Dispute Alligator Lounge 9:00 PM Details
Tuesday, January 27
 British Columbia
    Vancouver WhitakerM Trivia Night Tuesday Mr. Brownstone 7:00 PM Details
    Washington EtebariM Stetson's Pub Quiz Stetson's Famous Bar and Grill 7:00 PM Details
    Bethesda HartmanI Pour House Trivia Markham's Bar and Grill 8:00 PM Details
    Glen Burnie ColvinG Final Score Maryland... Glory Days Glen Burnie/Pasaden 8:00 PM Details
 New York
    Brooklyn KesnerA Trivial Dispute the Charleston 9:00 PM Details
 Rhode Island
    Cranston GuinnJP Geeks Who Drink Pub ... Brutopia Brewery 7:00 PM Details
Wednesday, January 28
    Culver City PierceE Sobriety Test Bar Tr... Scarlet Lady Saloon 8:00 PM Details
    Annapolis ColvinG Final Score Maryland... Annapolis Smokehouse and Taver 8:00 PM Details
    Clarksburg PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night Bennigan's Clarksburg 7:30 PM Details
    Jamaica Plain CrosbyT Geeks Who Drink Centre Street Sanctuary 8:00 PM Details
 New York
    New York KesnerA Trivial Dispute Crocodile Lounge 8:30 PM Details
    New York HightowerT TriviaNYC at Dempsey's Dempsey's Pub 7:00 PM Details
 North Carolina
    Durham KlothA Geeks Who Drink Triangle Pint and Plate 8:00 PM Details
    Guelph SaundersA The ATQ Pub Quiz Fionn MacCool's Guelph 9:00 PM Details
    Fairfax HartmanI Pour House Trivia Revolution Bar 7:00 PM Details
View all upcoming listed events here.
Submit and manage your listings here.
Any LL member at Standard level (or higher) may submit live event listings.

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More specifically, it is an online trivia league, where members face one another head-to-head in a season. There is trivia. And there is defense. And there is crying. And there is more, here.

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LL64 Pre-Season Timeline

Jan 7: Registration Open
Jan 23: Initial Rookie Invitations Sent
Feb 2: Last Call for Referrals
Feb 6: Final Rookie Invitations Sent
Feb 10: LL64 Registration Closed
Feb 17: LL64 Opening Day
    All dates subject to change.

Recent Champs

Jan 24 1DS: Cheese  KesnerA
Jan 24 1DS: Non-Mathematical Mathematics 2  WechtB
Jan 23 1DS: Just Images Music Videos 2  ChiltonC
Jan 23 1DS: Yoga  

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