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The Race to Las Vegas: LL60

A Central
1DuffyM DufM3650
2RossC RosC3632
3KravisA KraA3530
4RamieriJ RamJ3443
5IsmailAE IsAE3439
A Coastal
1RoyS RoyS3428
2CollegeA ColA3418
3KreitzerJ KreJ3328
4HorwitzJ HorJ3021
5YarbroughK YarK3010
A Corridor
1BahnamanS BahS3765
2MargolisB MarB3758
3RafalM RafM3635
4ArmstrongJ ArmJ3527
5JohnsonS2 JoS23218
A Highland
1IsmailST IsST4257
2MorrisT MorT4252
3SuessE SueE4055
4WamplerP WamP3226
5WilliamsJT WiJT3218
A Metro
1IaconoA IacA4163
2KelsoT KelT3959
3Saha Saha3955
4McKennaM McKM3653
5BarnumPT BaPT3647
A Midland
1FrenchDontFry FFry4468
2ConeT ConT3967
3CohenD2 CoD23853
4MaurerD MauD3637
5LaPlanteC LaPC3320
A Pacific
1DhuwaliaR DhuR3736
2BlishS BliS3727
3CarterM CarM3426
4FrielP FriP3338
5BarelaE BarE3219
A Seaboard
1Kassal Kass3534
2YoungT YngT3532
3FaunceRob Faun3346
4SheikoS SheS3212
5NajarianA NajA3019
The winners of the Rundles A qualify for the 2014 Rundle Championship in Las Vegas (details).

2014 Rundle Championship Qualifiers

1. YoungT YoungT LL58 Rundle A Atlantic Champion
2. MeyerT MeyerT LL58 Rundle A Continental Champion
3. FloresM FloresM LL58 Rundle A Northeast Champion
4. ScheelerD ScheelerD LL58 Rundle A West Champion
5. PliskaG PliskaG LL59 Rundle A Atlantic Champion
6. CohenD2 CohenD2 LL59 Rundle A Continental Champion
7. BahnamanS BahnamanS LL59 Rundle A Northeast Champion
8. PerryS PerryS LL59 Rundle A West Champion
9. DuffyM DuffyM LL60 Rundle A Central Champion
10. RoyS RoyS LL60 Rundle A Coastal Champion
11. IsmailST IsmailST LL60 Rundle A Highland Champion
12. IaconoA IaconoA LL60 Rundle A Metro Champion
13. FrenchDontFry FrenchDontFry LL60 Rundle A Midland Champion
14. DhuwaliaR DhuwaliaR LL60 Rundle A Pacific Champion
15. Kassal Kassal LL60 Rundle A Seaboard Champion
Details on annual LearnedLeague Rundle Championship.

What is LearnedLeague?

LL is a creed. An ideal. A Weltanschauung.

More specifically, it is an online trivia league, where members face one another head-to-head in a season. There is trivia. And there is defense. And there is crying. And there is more, here.

LL61 Pre-Season Timeline

Apr 3: Registration Open
Apr 22: Initial Rookie Invitations Sent
Apr 26: Last Call for Referrals
Apr 28: Final Rookie Invitations Sent
May 2: LL61 Registration Closed
May 12: LL61 Opening Day
    All dates subject to change.

Recent Champs

Apr 18 LL One-Day 93  FogartyN
Apr 15 LL MiniLeague: Just Images Maps 3  GoodeM

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